Kashmir University 6th Semester sociology Guess paper

Kashmir University 6th Semester sociology Guess paper

Kashmir University 6th Semester sociolgy Guess paper

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NOTE Guess for social stratification is prepared by our admin Asif Farooq who is currently persuing masters in Sociology

Short answers Define social stratification with some firms 2 define caste systems 3 define class with Max or weberian concepts 4 what do mean by conflict or functionalist perspective of social stratification 5 explain class conflict according to Mard 6 what do you understand by social change7 what is modernization or Sanskritisation8 what is social status or mobility

Meduim type questions and long answer type1 explain briefly social stratificaon and it’s majour forms2 explain how Kingsley Davis and Moore explain concept of functionalist perspective of social stratification2 explain briefly conflict perspective of social stratification3 what is social changes and what are its majour forms or types3 show the relationship between caste and class social stratificaon4 explain the concept of westernization and it’s causes and India approach towards it ?5 what is Sanskritisation and it’s types and causes in India6 explain how mn srinivas showed Sanskritisation in Indian society ?7 explain briefly the concept of de Sanskriti station

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