LPG Subsidy: Good News! Now You Can Get Rs 303 Subsidy on LPG Gas Cylinder, Know Details


LPG Subsidy: Good News! Now You Can Get Rs 303 Subsidy on LPG Gas Cylinder, Know Details

Desk : People are very worried about the rising inflation day by day. The price of domestic gas cylinder is skyrocketing. But now you are going to get relief. Actually, subsidy will be implemented again on domestic gas cylinders. After which the gas which is being available for Rs 900 now. Its cost will be Rs 587.

It is known that during the corona virus, the government had removed the subsidy given on gas. Now the government is planning to start it again. If sources are to be believed, then from next month the subsidy on gas will start coming in your account. With the introduction of subsidy, lakhs and crores of people of the country will get relief. Please note that the subsidy amount is Rs.303.

At present, the system of subsidy is started in many states of the country. In this, the system of subsidy on cooking gas has been started in many states of Jharkhand, and Northeast. At the same time, there is a plan to start this system in other states of the country as well. The approval of the Finance Ministry is yet to be received on this. If the government approves, then the gas dealer will give a subsidy of Rs 303. After this, after taking gas for Rs 900, Rs 303 will come back in your account as subsidy. In such a situation, the cost of one gas will cost you only Rs 587.

The price of this gas is very low: Apart from this, you have a better option of adopting a composite gas cylinder. Let us tell you that the government has now approved composite cylinders across the country. Composite cylinder is much lighter than normal gas cylinder. It is completely transparent. In this, it can be ascertained from outside that how much gas has been consumed and how many children are there. The lower opposite gas cylinder is a lighter and stronger cylinder. It is available in 10 and 5 kg. You can buy this gas for Rs 634.



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