New Traffic Rule, Big News DETAILS HERE

New Traffic Rule, Big News: details here

New Traffic Rule: There is news of big relief for the car drivers. Now the traffic police will not be able to harass you by stopping you unnecessarily, nor will it be able to cut your speed.

Now the traffic police will not be able to check your car unnecessarily. Actually, some time ago a circular has been issued to the traffic department regarding this. According to this, now your vehicle will not be stopped without reason. Let’s know the latest updates.

Now the traffic police will not be able to stop your car forcibly. According to the new rule, the traffic police will not check the vehicles, especially where there is a check block, they will only monitor the traffic and focus on it that the traffic moves normally. They will stop a vehicle only if it is making any difference to the speed of the traffic.

All traffic police have been asked to stop checking vehicles as traffic is increasing on the roads, they have also been asked to give priority to monitoring the movement of traffic. It has been said in the circular that if the motorists are violating the traffic rules, then they can be charged by the traffic police under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act.

During the joint blockade by the traffic police and local police, the traffic police will only take action against traffic violations and will not check vehicles. If these instructions are not strictly implemented, the Senior Inspector of the concerned traffic post will be held responsible.

In fact, it has often been seen that the traffic police stop the vehicles anywhere on the basis of suspicion and start checking their boots and the inside of the vehicle. Due to which the traffic on that road is affected.

A senior traffic police official said that the traffic police should not check the boot of vehicles or stop them on the basis of suspicion. He said that our jawans will continue challaning against traffic offenses as before and will stop the traffic violators.


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